Pasture Board - $325/month
Horses are fed hay and have access to grass seasonally.
Gelding and mare herds are separate.
Herds are rotated between pastures and barn lots with access to windbreaks and shelters.

New horses are required to stall board ($550/month) for one month before joining the pasture herd

Schedule updates are available at:

Pasture Board with Grain - $410/month
Horses are part of the pasture herd and are fed up to 4# grain once daily.

Quality Brome Hay
Purina Equine Senior
Owners may provide their own grain and/or supplements


Coggins within 1 year, Health Certificate within 7 days

Current Vaccinations: Rhino/Flu (spring and fall), EWT, West Nile, Rabies​

Due to the prevalence of strangles in the area, we are now requiring a nasopharyngeal wash or nasal swab with a negative strangles PCR before arrival.

Please submit the Pre-Arrival form and vet records via e-mail before arriving

The New Boarder Form and Release can be completed upon arrival

All new horses will be under strict quarantine for 7 days.

New horses are required to be stall boarded for 30 days before joining the pasture herds.

(913) 708-4849