Title: Horse Wall, 1995

Artist: Courtney Nelson, CLN Metal Art

Medium: Steel Plate

The Twin Mill Farm Horse Wall was designed to create a dynamic fence overlooking the arena and pasture. It features several horses that resided at Twin Mill at the time: Shadow, Sam, Bumper, Kite, Toby, Simon and Javel to name a few.

Title: Mobilgas Pegasus, designed 1930's, installed 1997

Artist: Robert Elmer

Medium: Sheet Metal

Robert Elmer was the commercial illustrator responsible for redesigning the Mobilgas logo, he created a cleaner appearance and changed the direction of the horse's flight. The Pegasus symbol is still used today by ExxonMobil, symbolizing imagination, power and speed.

We at Twin Mill Farm acquired our Pegasus at an antique store in Phoenix, Arizona. It was shipped to Kansas City and sat in the side-yard of my parents house for several years util the barn was built in 1997 and it found a perfect home here at Twin Mill. It has become a fun local landmark, especially when lit red at night.

Art at Twin Mill Farm

Title: Double Windmill Quilt Square, 2020

Artist: Courtney Nelson

Medium: Reclaimed Wood

Inspired by the Quilt Trail in Grand County, Colorado, the Double Windmill quilt pattern was a natural fit to represent Twin Mill Farm. The first quilt trail was established in Adams County, Ohio in 2001 when Donna Sue Groves painted a quilt block on her tobacco barn in honor of her mother.

Title: Passing Lines, 2005

Artist: Courtney Nelson, CLN Metal Art

Medium: Steel Plate

This piece was created in collaboration with Margaret Shelby for a collection that focused on cavalry maneuvers and was exhibited at the Kansas City Artist Coalition gallery.

Title: Conductor Jo-Bot, 2020

Artist: Baker Medlock

Medium: Found Metal

Artist, Baker Medlock works with found metal objects to create works of art inspired by the movement of life. Conductor Jo-Bot was commissioned to accompany our SantaFe caboose.

facebook: Bake Medlock Metal Sculptor

Instagram: @BakeMedlock